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PadraigSolitary games are fine, but playing with friends is that much better! Get a few friends together and make it a party by playing some dragon and turtle games together. Besides, you know what's always at a party...cookies!

Dragon Rescue

- Lots of room
- 1 stuffed animal
- 2 boxes OR 2 laundry baskets

This is a twist on a familiar theme. The dragons are trying to rescue the "prisoner" from the black knight’s castle. You may want to elaborate on how the prisoner got there.

HOW TO PLAY: One child (the black knight) stands guard in front of the castle (box or laundry basket) with a prisoner (stuffed toy) inside it. The black knight can have two minions on the sidelines who will jump into action if the toy is rescued. The rest of the children (the dragons) try to snatch the prisoner and return it to safety (the other box or laundry basket). The knight and minions try to block the dragons from getting the prisoner.

THE RULES: Put the stuffed animal in the black knight’s castle. Instruct the dragons that they must rescue the toy. The black knight and his two minions can block but not grab the dragons. They can touch but not hold onto the dragons. When a dragon successfully has the stuffed animal, the best strategy is for the other dragons to make a protective circle around the toy carrier. They then move as a unit toward safety. The black knight and his minions will try to reach through the ring and get a hold of the toy-carrying dragon.

HOW TO WIN: The dragon team wins a point by getting the stuffed toy to safety. The black knight’s team wins a point if one of them gets a hold of the rescued toy before it is put in the safety spot. First team to win three points wins


Dragon EggsDragon Eggs

- Lots of room
- White balloons, blown up to half size OR plastic Easter eggs
- Small, deep plastic baskets

TIP: Hit the post-Easter sales to gather supplies for this one! Remove rigid handles from baskets.

HOW TO PLAY: Spread the eggs in a cleared space. Give each child a basket. They are to scoot the baskets on the floor upside down, lift the basket enough to “catch” an egg.

HOW TO WIN: Game ends when all eggs have been collected. Winner is child who collected the most eggs.

ALTERNATIVE SET UP: This can be done on a table with yogurt covered raisins and paper cups.


Dragon's Escapeboots

- Lots of room
- Rubber bands
- Crepe paper

HOW TO PLAY: One child is a knight in the middle of the yard. The rest of the children are dragons lined up on one side of yard. Each dragon has a rubber band bracelet securing a flowing stream of crepe paper. Dragons try to get across the "moat" guarded by the knight to the other side of the yard. If the knight grabs a piece of crepe paper, the dragon becomes a knight with the original knight.

HOW TO WIN: Last dragon remaining wins!


Dragon Flames castle

- Box of white tissues
- Red or orange chenille stems
- Scrap paper
- Red, yellow, or orange markers

HOW TO PLAY: Make the flames by crumpling a piece of paper into a small ball and placing it in the middle of a white tissue. Pull the tissue around the ball and tie shut with red or orange chenille stems. Use red, yellow, or orange markers to color the tissue. Make castle targets from empty cereal boxes or milk cartons. Put a number score on each target, and take turns tossing the dragon flames at the castles.

HOW TO WIN: Add up the numbers of hits at the end of the game. The one with the highest score wins.


Dragon Runmountain

- Lots of room
- A variety of obstacles (See below)
- Optional: towels or pillow cases to make cape like dragon wings, face paint, or improvised costume material.

HOW TO PLAY: Build an obstacle course indoors or in the yard. Indoor Suggestions: going under a table, climbing over an ottoman, going through a blanket tent, or using pillows or plastic lids for stepping stones. Outdoor Suggestions: benches, cardboard boxes, or picnic tables. Rename each obstacle: a table is a bridge, and an ottoman is a mountain. Dress up your children with a cape for wings and paint their faces; use your imagination to embellish a costume for your "dragons"! Tell a story of an adventuresome dragon. Maybe he's coming home from a quest on a dangerous road that leads to his mountain home!


Dragon Hatchinghatching

- Poster board
- Dragon pictures (perhaps from the internet)
- Glue, scissors, marker

HOW TO PLAY: Cut out ten ten-inch eggs from poster board. Print ten dragon pictures that are a little smaller than the eggs. Cut out dragons, and glue them onto the front of the eggs. Jaggedly cut eggs down the center. Mix egg halves and have your child match the halves together again.


Dragon Relaydragon

- Enough blankets or sheets for every two children

HOW TO PLAY: Pair children into teams of two: teammate 1 and teammate 2. Each player gets on their hands and knees with teammate 2 behind teammate 1, grabbing teammate 1's ankles. A blanket is thrown over each team, but allowing teammate 1 to see. Each team is a dragon. The teams race each other to the other side of the area, teammate 1 and teammate 2 switching places on the way back.

HOW TO WIN: First team back wins.


Turtle Shell Tosspond

- Sturdy dinette paper plates
- Marker
- Rope or Hula-hoop

HOW TO PLAY: Have kids decorate the back of the plates with a turtle shell design. Use rope or a hula-hoop to make a "pond" target. Frisbee-toss them into the pond.



Turtle Shell Game hidden

- Egg Carton
- Markers

HOW TO PLAY: Separate the seat of the egg carton into individual cups. Decorate each cup with markers to look like turtle backs. Collect pairs of small items such as paper clips, pennies, marbles, stones, pompom balls, pen caps, safety-pins, hairpins, rubber bands or barrettes. Parent can put one object under every shell. Each player lifts up two shells at a time to find a match.


SockTurtle Tails

- Lots of room
- One cheap plastic “open weave” laundry basket for each child
- One old sock for each child

This games works better with more children. Send invites to friends and include a note that everyone should bring a cheap laundry basket and an old sock.

HOW TO PLAY: Have the children get into a crawling position. Place an upside down laundry basket on their backs. Stick one sock in a hole at the back of the laundry basket. Tell the children to race around and try to snatch someone else’s tail.


Tennis BallIn the Shell

- Lots of room
- Tennis ball
- Old sock
- Cheap laundry basket

Pick up tennis balls at a Dollar Store and send them home with the kids as party favors.

HOW TO PLAY: Put a tennis ball in the old sock. Have the children swing them like a slingshot, aim and let go to land in basket.

HOW TO WIN: First three children to make three baskets compete to see who misses first.


Laundry BasketTurtle, Turtle, Where’s Your Home?

- Several laundry baskets
- Blindfold
- Treat or toy

HOW TO PLAY: Place one child in the middle of a circle of laundry baskets. Put the treat or toy inside one of the laundry baskets. Blindfold the turtle (the child). Turn him or her around gently several times. The turtle must then crawl to the laundry basket circle and feel each to guess which one is his shell.

HOW TO WIN: When the child finds the basket with the treat or toy, he or she wins!


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